Crypto Listing Services

Reliable and effective listing services at reasonable prices. Do not lose tens of thousands of dollars to scammers

CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko are the main milestones of the newly-launched projects.  Every project desire to be there and they are the main price-tracking websites for investors all over the world.

Crypto Marketing Management

We have great experience in the Crypto Marketing field. Unfortunately, there are too many scammers in this area. Many project owners get scammed. We’ve seen many projects that spend tens of thousands of dollars and fail completely on pre-sale.
Crypto Advertising and promotion field is a really difficult field. Finding real effective channels is a difficult process that requires a lot of effort. Projects that have not worked specifically in this area are most likely scammed.
We respond to very important needs with our reliable and experienced team

Community Management Services

Building, developing, and interacting with the community is essential for any crypto project of any scale. Honest, hardworking, and experienced moderators play a very important role in this regard. We have experienced moderators/community managers for your Telegram group. We also have social media managers for the management of your other social media accounts (Discord, Twitter, Facebook, etc).

Our mods and social media managers have passed KYC Verification by