Community Management Services

The community is one of the milestones of any crypto project. Creating community is an important task.  It is the community that ensures investment funds, usability, feedback, and support of the projects. It includes both investors and crypto enthusiasts. That’s why community management is a vital issue.

The community consists of social media followers such as Telegram, Twitter, Discord, Reddit, Youtube, etc. Community members expect answers without delays about your crypto projects. At this point, the New-Tokens Team provides community management services.

MOD Services

  • We offer either 8 hours of daily moderation or 24/7 service.
  • All our moderators have passed KYC verification.
  • Moderators manage your telegram community. If you request, the other social media accounts of the project can be managed by our moderators.
  • Moderators are familiar with the field and have adequate equipment or strategy.
  • Moderators answer questions about your project without delays.
  • Moderators assist community members by using effective communication techniques.
  • Moderators use bots, anti-bots, polls for the healthy of the community.
  • Moderators help new people invest in your projects.
  • Moderators inform both old and newly added members of your community about all details of the project in real-time.
  • Moderators ban spammers and liars and protect your community.
  • Moderators play a punctual, polite, calm, and positive role to help expand the community.
  • Moderators create a full FAQ, pin detailed messages with all the links to the chats.

Why You Should Work With Us?

  • Firstly our all moderators research carefully your project with all details like an investor.
  • All moderators have passed KYC verification.
  • All our moderators are experienced in the crypto field. (1+ years experience in Community Management or Customer Success)
  • All our moderators are reliable and hardworking also have a personal interest and understanding of the crypto/blockchain space.
  • All our moderators can manage a large number of tasks per day.
  • The prices are reasonable.


Community management is one of the most substantial issues for your crypto project. The community will provide financial investment besides support for project development. The New-Tokens Team is aware of this. That is why new-tokens offer reliable and quality community management services to ensure community health and wealth.