How to Find New Crypto Coins?

The interest in cryptocurrency in the world is increasing day by day. Due to high profits, especially investors tend to these areas. There are many cryptos currently on the market. So, where can you find these new crypto coins and tokens to trade them? You will find answers to these questions in this article.

New crypto coins in CEXs
Binance New Listing

What are the Ways to Find New Crypto Coins & Tokens?

1 – CEXs

If you are interested in crypto, you know enough about CEXs. They are exchanges where you can find and trade cryptocurrencies. CEXs are operated by companies that own them in a centralized manner. For instance, the most well-known ones among them are Binance, Coinbase, and Gemini. There are numerous CEXs in the crypto space. For this reason, you should do your research before opening an account. If you are sure that it is reliable, you can open an account and trade.

After opening an account, you can make transactions like buying and selling. There are some rules for listing cryptocurrencies on CEXs. These rules may vary from exchange to exchange. It is the rules that are sometimes difficult to fulfill. You can usually find newly added cryptocurrencies to Cex’s under the new listing and recently added tabs. You should know that you can not find all coins or tokens in CEXs. Generally, newly launched coins or token can be found in DEXs.

Coinbase new listing crypto coins
Coinbase New Listing


• has a very large pool of information about cryptocurrencies. It is especially a price-tracking website. Also, you can find detailed information about crypto coins. Any information you can think of, for example, a cryptocurrency is located in which blockchain, what are the official website and contact address and how is the chart of it, can be found at It is a website heavily used by crypto enthusiasts. There are some rules for listing cryptocurrencies on Coin Market Cap, just like CEXs. Cryptocurrency must meet certain criteria in terms of market value and the number of holders. You can find previously listed cryptocurrencies as well as newly listed cryptocurrencies under the recently added tab.

Coin market cap recently added crypto coins
CMC Recently Added

• is similar to the coin market cap site. Likewise, you can find detailed information about cryptocurrencies. For the listing, the market value and owners of the cryptocurrency must reach a certain level. You can access the newly listed cryptocurrencies from the recently added tab.

Coingecko recently added crypto coins
CGK Recently Added


The Dappradar is a platform where data is collected and analyzed about decentralized applications operating on the blockchain. Thanks to this website, you can find trending, active and promising projects in the crypto field.

DappRadar Website

3 – Social Media

• Twitter

Many Twitter accounts share about cryptocurrencies. Apart from the official Twitter pages of CEXs, DEXs, or Launchpads, many Twitter accounts, especially influencers share individually. In particular, you should know that most of the influencers share them for marketing purposes in exchange for money. For this reason, you should pay attention to these shares about newly released cryptocurrencies. Keep in mind that you need to follow trusted Twitter accounts.

• Telegram Groups/Channels

One of the most popular applications in the crypto space is the Telegram application. Most cryptocurrencies have their telegram groups. In addition, you can find many telegram groups promoting newly released cryptocurrencies. You need to be careful here also. The posts of such groups are for advertising purposes.

You can find and follow cryptocurrency projects on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Discord, Medium, and Reddit.

Posts and promotions made on social media platforms are generally done within the scope of marketing and for a fee. For this reason, we recommend you to be careful about the cryptocurrency projects you find in these areas. You should do double-check when you look for a promising tokens or coins.

4 –

It is the place where you can find objective and accurate information about newly released coins and tokens. The New Tokens team make researches in-depth studies from among a large number of projects. The team provides detailed information about the projects and examines the periods that a project has spent so far, including seed sales. Then they prepare an evaluation and share it with their followers. They objectively present to their followers what the project promises in the future period.

These reviews include general information about the project, token distribution, pre-sales, after-sales, marketing, roadmap, whitepaper, and data-based analysis.

As an e-mail subscriber to, you can be the first to know about these reviews. And you can find all about crypto space in the News Token Academy section.

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