How Can You Find New Crypto Gems in Crypto? What Are The Project Parameters?


Many crypto projects emerge in the crypto field every day. Some of these projects are successful go to the moon, becoming new crypto gems, while others disappear before they cannot launch yet. So, how can you find the right project for investing in? Let’s go deep into the details. Let’s talk about the ways of finding new crypto gems?

Firstly, you should find reliable and easy-to-use launchpad platforms. There are too many launchpads in the crypto space like Binance Launchpad, BSCPAD, MakerDao Pad, Bounce, Avalaunch, Unicrypt, DXSale, Pinksale, etc. We will touch on the major launchpad in another article. Please check it.

Before you participate in presales on any launchpad, you should research details of those launchpads from the google search. In this way, you will find out whether they are reliable or not. If you know which launchpad to use for presale, you can now take to searching for the right project.

Crypto Gems


KYC means Known Your Customer. KYC means the owner or team of the project gives their personal information to the company which provides KYC service. Therefore in the event of a scam or rug pull, KYC companies share their knowledge relevant department of their country.

As a result, if the project has KYC verification, a scam or rug pull is less likely to occur. KYC is an important indicator for projects. On the other hand, we witnessed that some investors had gotten scammed by project owners who had KYC verification in the past. It is also possible yet.


The project must have an audit report about the smart contract it has. It must be obtained from reliable companies. Audit reports show us whether smart contracts have major-minor problems or not.

As an investor, you should check the details of the audit report. If the project has no audit report, please stay away from this project.


Generally, projects teams prefer to remain anonymous in this crypto field. In addition, some of them clarify their identities and experiences. If you find the doxxed teams, you should research their former launched projects and the success of the crew.

These indicators allow you about the future of the new projects. In this way, you may make a clearer decision.


Tokenomics of the project shows you the token distribution of the project. You can find the details like rates of the developer tokens, team tokens, liquidity tokens, presale tokens, marketing tokens in tokenomics. One of the first things we look at about tokenomics is the rate of unlocked tokens. If there are many unlocked tokens, this is a dangerous thing about the project. In this case, after the token is listed on DEX, unlocked tokens can be sold by the owner. So token price can suddenly decrease. It means completely drained.

As a result, it is important thing is stability. If the rates of the unlocked tokens are high, it gets investors scared. If the rates are too low, the team may not be successful. The motivation of the team will decrease for continuing their projects.

As an investor, we should evaluate every project separately. We should consider differently for meme coins or product-based coins. Having a certain amount of developer wallet and marketing wallet will support the team that wants to promote and develop the project. In addition, developer/team wallets can be locked for a certain duration like 15 days, 1 month, or 6 months. And the team should transparently explain to investors how to use the developer and marketing wallets. Consequently, the critical point is whether you can trust the team.


Liquidity pools and liquid-locking periods are so important for all projects in the crypto space. You should also review these matters while researching a project for investing. The rate of the liquidity pool of the projects should be at least %60.

In addition, the liquid-locking period should be at least six months. I especially recommend you to two times evaluate projects that have a liquid-locking time of 1-6 months.


The roadmap of the project shows us the project development process. You can see there what is the stage of the project. In addition, further plans of the project can be found in the roadmap.

Investors can analyze that what are the achievements of the team through a roadmap. Thus you can decide whether invest in or not.


Major social media channels used in this are Website, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Discord, Reddit, Telegram channels, etc. Investors should have a look at the project’s social media accounts. Activity and number of the engagement at the social media will give us an idea about the project’s visibility.

In this way, we can consider that many crypto enthusiasts will be interested in the project.


Community involves members and investors as you know. Especially investors should have look project’s TG channels and groups. It can be quickly dawn on whether it consists of real investors or bots. The number of online members should be higher than %20 of the total members. If it is less than %20, this is a bad indicator for the community.

Also, hype means that there is enthusiasm in the coin. When seeing the hype for any project, you can evaluate to invest in it.


The team’s marketing or promotion plans are important indicators for the investors. Especially I recommend you to research how much budget the team has for marketing. Marketing is a critical issue both at the presale stage and after launch. While marketing allows promoting the coin in the introduce presale stage, it also creates buying pressure after the launch.

In this conclusion, If the team has an aggressive marketing plan, it is a good indicator to invest in the project.

Consequently, I recommend you have a look at these matters before investing in any project. Apart from the indicators we mentioned above, you can add the other indicators you trust. The most important thing is how you feel about the project and that you have done your own research. Let’s find the new crypto gems.

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