How to Get Listed on Coin Market Cap? How to Get Listed on Coin Gecko?

Listing Tokens in Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko New Listings

Do you want your token to be one of the trending cryptocurrencies? Listing your new token on popular price-tracking websites like Coin Market Cap (CMC) and Coin Gecko (CGK) and the other crypto market cap websites is an important milestone for projects listed in new DEXs. Increasing visibility attracts investors to the project. 

After the DEX listed crypto assets, the first of the questions asked by the investors is this: WHEN CMC WHEN CG. Listing tokens on these dex markets and price-tracking websites both is important to reassure the project. It also attracts the attention of more investors. Above all, more interest and investment means more gain and profit for everyone.

Three principles to guide their decision-making process for new coin listing:

  • Credibility: Is the requester able to substantiate his/her case with supporting evidence?
  • Verification: Are they able to verify the information from credible and independently verifiable sources?
  • Methodology: Is this request in accordance with their methodology?

So What Are the General Requirements for Coinlisting?

There are main criteria and principles for popular price-tracking websites. We briefly compile them for you:

  • Trading volume and market pairs of the project
  • Community interest and involvement
  • Project growth (partnerships, roadmap)
  • Status of the team (professionalism and transparency)
  • Adaptation of the product to the market
  • Impact and practicality of the project
  • Being unique and innovative

As you see above, it may be confusing. Filling the listing request forms or application forms sometimes can be a troublesome and time-consuming issue. To make it the right way is vitally important for getting approval and for the future of the project.

At this point, we are ready to offer you consulting service. In other words, our mission is to make this stressful process easy for you.

Some of the price-tracking websites like Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko

What We Do at Consulting Service? team provides consulting services regarding listings, forms as well as criteria.

First of all, to request for listing on Coin Market Cap (CMC) and Coin Gecko (CG) and the many other listing websites is for free.

Secondly, you should know that there is no guarantee of listing and fast-tracking. Many scammers in the crypto space claim fast-tracking to guarantee listing or fast-tracking. That is not true. You can check the criteria from: ,

Thirdly, please note that meeting the criteria and filling out the form does not mean that Coin Market Cap or Coin Gecko are going to list your token. The only way of the possible listing is to fill the form correctly. Hereby, it is possible to get approval in a few days.

Meanwhile, you act by the desired criteria from the very beginning of the project, there will be no reason for you not to be listed. What we do is “fill the forms correctly”

To sum up, we give this consulting service at a reasonable price according to the service that you chose. So, we do not absolutely offer astronomic prices as scammers do. Also, our service does not give promise of guarantee listing and fast-tracking as scammers do. We do our best honestly as well as transparently. In conclusion, you should know that when you get approval from Coin Market Cap (CMC) and Coin Gecko (CG), and the other price-tracking websites, it is highly possible that some big CEXs offer you a special proposal for listing your token on their exchange.

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