About Us

New-Tokens.Com (NTC) Crypto Marketing Agency offers crypto marketing solutions with highly motivated team. With experienced team members, we help new-born crypto projects connect with their customers by creating personal connections in this digital world.

We are here to increase interaction and build trust in your project. We create and execute multi-channel marketing and communications strategy, moving your project to a high-level position.  

Now we mainly focus on;

  • Marketing management, get a healthy connection with effective influencers and mass media agencies,
  • Listing Service (CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko and other Price-tracking websites)
  • Community Management/Mod Services

NTC team provide innovative, quick, and smart digital marketing solutions. We would like to help as many projects as possible to find them new potential customers, traders and investors.

Contact with us and let us talk about how we can implement an thorough, appropriate and solid marketing strategy.