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The biggest problems in Crypto Marketing Space:

  • Twitter-Telegram-Reddit accounts full of bots
  • Scammers
  • Finding effective marketing tools
  • Reliability issue

Our solutions:

  • Real and effective influencers network
  • Identifying effective tools through ongoing hard work and data reviews
  • The most reliable crypto marketing firm-Our team members are KYCed by the most reputable KYC provider in DeFi, check

Our Services

Marketing Management/Consultancy

We enable you to make the most effective promotion with our many different packages. We have packages for start-up projects to build a community and for private sales – presales.
We have packages available for ongoing projects to grow and gain more investors.

Listing Services

Many scammers defraud project owners under the name of listing services. Do not lose your thousands of dollars to scammers. CoinMarketCap(CMC) and CoinGecko(CG) are the main milestone of the newly-launched projects.  Every projects desire to be there and they are the main price-tracking websites for investors all over the world.

Community Management/Mod Services

Building, developing and interacting with the community is essential for any crypto project of any scale. Honest, hardworking and experienced moderators play a very important role in this regard. We have experienced moderators/community managers for your Telegram group. We also have social media managers for the management of your other social media accounts (Discord, Twitter, Facebook, etc).

Our mods and social media managers have passed KYC Verification by


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